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Letskonet offers website redesign services for all types of websites. Our creative squad of web developers and web designers will bring the acquaintance of user behavior and professional expectations into every website redesign to engage with the right audience. We deliver excellent website re-design service that enhances your website’s functionality, usability, and reputation. Our team is designed for professional and user-friendly websites. We update the websites in compliance with the existing requirements for web design. We make sure the full ROI is achieved.



Due to rapid changes in web technology, every site gets older than expected time. A website doing well in major search engines, a year back, may not have the same level of visibility, and ranking, appealing for the user now. And most Google-like search engines keep updating their algorithm (Indexing Method) periodically. If in such a scenario your website fails to fulfill user expectations, then this is the time to redesign your website. Our key goal is to improve the performance as we redesign your website

Study Old Website
Post-project allocation, our team of experts will analyze your website its structure, content, organization preferences, etc., and proceed to a strategy session.
Redesign Strategy
Considering the color references, nature of the business, and the preliminary discussion we do ideation for your project on the strategy phase.
Website Redesign
Here we do website redesign work as per all our prior strategies and discussion and come up with the desired output.
Testing & Launch
This is the final stage where we test and launch your website project with all the security and SEO implementations.


  • SEO friendly

    We help you in every stage of web design. With our technical and maintenance experts, your website is maintained and updated at regular intervals. Our team creates SEO-friendly web pages.

  • Free Post Launch Support

    Free Post Launch Support Being a website redesign agency, we provide uninterrupted maintenance support post-product launch. Also, we do implement the application for enhancement while maintaining zero interruption in running the website.

  • Fully Mobile Compatibility

    More than half of the traffic comes from mobile. Every website design project is mobile-optimized. Websites will work on small screens too so that customers can have a good experience.

  • Prompt Technical Support

    We will give you the best outcome for your website, we adopt industry best standard practices, to give you the best solutions. And after our project is completed, we provide full support.

  • Unique and Attractive

    Letskonet will help you come up with an idea that would work best for your website redesign. Google Loves Fresh Content and Fresh Design. Hence it is a wise idea to have your website redesigned periodically.

  • Boosts SEO Efforts

    Websites need to be updated which means you will need help maintaining, your website.


We Devote Time And Effort To Provide Quality Services.

The real experts of the field will provide you with the best strategy to guide you through your investments.



  • 01. What are your website redesign project goal?

    Keeping visitors from bouncing off your pages quickly, make more informative pages, to be more visually aligned with the brand and to improve navigation to average more pages per visit.

  • 02. What is the website redesign process?

    Process of Redesign is the core of business process re-engineering it also includes analyzing, strategy making, redesigning and so on.

  • 03. Why does my website need redesigning?

    User experience is very important in design that’s become very crucial in a website’s success. To improve the user experience of your website you should understand your user’s behavior. Think of the goal of your website and what action you want your visitors to complete.

  • 04. What do I need to do if I would like to start my website redesign process?

    Firstly analyze your website then identify your priorities. Define and update the website’s target audience. Find out what is working on the current website. Create a list of desired design changes.

  • 05. How to budget for a professionally designed and managed small business website

    Your website is the most important part of your digital marketing efforts. It’s what many prospective customers see first. It’s what everything you publish and print links back to. Understandably, it can be a point of some stress for many small business owners, especially when the time comes to build a new one.

  • 06. Where do you start? And more importantly, who do you hire?

    Sure, you can save a bit of money hiring a local contractor or a friend or family member, but before you do, it’s important to understand all of the potential costs, roadblocks, and issues that come up during a website build. By knowing what you need to plan for, you can prepare a budget that will result in a high-quality website that works to engage prospects and capture new leads. The expertise needed to build your new website that stands out and perform well A website requires a team of experts to produce. It’s not just about design or coding, but several different items, all of which require a certain level of expertise. Unfortunately, many small business owners fall into the trap of assuming their “website designer” can do it all. In reality, if you hire someone to build a website, they likely have a background in the technical side of things (actually building and coding your website) or the design side of things (creating the visual elements). They will look to you to hire vendors who can support with the rest.


Choose the Best Pricing Plan.

We offer a number of website maintenance and security plans that ensure you’ll have your own team of experienced developers on hand to deal with anything you need; from small, ad hoc fixes through to wholesale website upgrades. They will be able to deliver rapid responses for security updates, fixes and all-round support, as well as making sure your updates are never subject to a minimum charge.
  • SLA All Day Everyday

    We provide our clients with SLA backed responses to queries (we respond to all client requests within 2 hours) and website updates each month, without the headache of admin and all for a reasonable price.

Basic Pack
$ 39 Monthly

Basic Pack

  • Smart Lighting Control
  • Basic Security Systems
  • Voice Control Integration
  • Free Installation Device
  • 24/7 Customer Service
Advanced Pack
$ 49 Monthly

Advanced Pack

  • Smart Lighting Control
  • Basic Security Systems
  • Voice Control Integration
  • Free Installation Device
  • 24/7 Customer Service
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